We're Angela & Joshna, a health practitioner who cares about food and a chef who cares about health, with a solid plan on how to transform the way we look at food.

Joshna is a busy chef with big ideas about good food!  She believes strongly in the power of food to strengthen individual lives and whole communities, and is an outspoken advocate for increased engagement to build a more sustainable food system.

Angela has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) across Canada and internationally since 2003. Angela specializes in women’s health and fertility as well as integrative cancer care but her deepest passion is inspiring people about the healing benefits of the food they eat, to recognize the magic on their plate.  

Nourishing Change is a movement that uses food and the wisdom of the earth to create authentic connections to ourselves, to our land, and to each other. We believe that living and eating with the seasons can radically impact our health and wellness in a way that goes beyond filling the tank. This is about joyful nourishment that starts with our minds and bodies and radiates out to the community and world around us.



What if your dinner had the potential to change the world? What if the way you snack could take better care of the land around you? We know the world is busy, and with so much to consider, figuring out how to make good choices can be overwhelming. We get it. But our current approach is taking a dangerous toll on our bodies and the planet, and it is clear that we need a new way forward.


Enter Nourishing Change! It's part manual, part field guide, and part inspiration. Our tools, tricks, and ideas will help you rethink the way you eat, live, and think, using the wisdom of ancient traditions in a way that fits your busy modern life. This is a joyful revolution that uses the profound and timeless wisdom of nature to heal and nourish. 

What is Nourishing Change?