Fast and Furiously Delicious Ice Cream (and it's healthy too!)

Need a break from the heat & humidity? Why not whip yourself up this simple, speedy and nutritionally delicious ice cream! We made it with peaches, but really you could use any fruit really. Mmmmmm raspberry, strawberry or even plum ice cream! Ingredients and Directions; Core and slice 1lb of Fruit/peaches, and freeze (leave the skins on!) Combine frozen peaches, 1/2 cup coconut milk, a big spoon of raw honey and the juice of a lime in a food processor and buzz up till smooth. Eat immediately, or pack up in a container and freeze for another hour or so until firm and scoopable. Dairy free. Refined Sugar free. Whole Food Delicious.

Red, Ripe and Delicious - The Raspberry

Having the delightful combination of being both tart and sweet, raspberries have a unique blend of goodness that, when used correctly, it can be a wonderful medicinal addition to your diet - both berry and leaf. Found for only a few short weeks in the summer months here in Ontario, the life of the fresh raspberry is short lived, but with the magic of flash freezing and drying we can enjoy this amazing tart little fruit year round. Raspberry is known to be one of the only warm fruits according to TCM nutrition theory. It has a slightly sweet and astringent or sour quality and benefits the liver and kidney systems. These perennials are grown world wide in temperate regions usually in forests

Why Salads Aren't Always Good for You (gasp!)

We’ve all heard it 1000 times – if you want to eat well, loose weight or be healthy you should eat more salad. But what if that's just the opposite for some people? Ok, there is no question that leafy greens, whole foods and lots of vegetables are good for you, but what you might want to examine is not only what you eat, but HOW you eat those nutrient packed pieces of goodness. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on the principle of balance – the idea that if the body is in balance we are healthy, pain free and have ample energy. That applies to internal and personal factors (work stress, exercise, healthy diet, emotional stressors, sleep patterns etc.) but applies to our balance wit

Iced Drinks - Friend or Foe?

As I was walking to work on one of the early summer days this year, I passed a few coffee shops with their sandwich boards reading “Summer’s here, Iced drinks for EVERYONE!”. The Chinese Medicine practitioner part of me cringed when I saw that sign and internally thought “or NOT!”. Why would I be the Grinch of summer you ask and kibosh all the icy fun? I love summer and love the heat and the change of diet that comes with all the amazing fresh produce and the lazy meandering days that summer can bring. But everyday I have people coming through my practice complaining of bloating, upset stomachs or funky bowel patterns that just don’t feel good. I spend a good portion of my day talking about

Watermelon Agua Fresca

Watermelon juice is an instant cool-off. Used throughout the world in the summer months, this simple Agua Fresca (“fresh water”) recipe inspired from Latin American cuisine, might be just the thing to keep you cool this summer. Hint: have some of this ready to drink after playing sports outside or after a long day in the sun. Hers's to staying cool! INGREDIENTS 4 cups water 1 ½ pounds watermelon (rind removed) seeded and chopped into a 1-inch cubes Lime juice -1/2 lime Fresh basil leaves or mint, for garnish DIRECTIONS Put watermelon, water and lime into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour mixture through a strainer into a pitcher. Chill for 30 minutes and serve with ice or on it’s own Ga

Watermelon Love

One of the “coolest” fruits out there, this summer favourite is absolutely amazing at relieving summer heat or heat stroke. According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) it also has many other medicinal qualities: it quenches thirst, is great for irritability and water retention and edema. Helps relieve canker sores, and urinary tract inflammation. Even the seeds can be used! You can dry them into a tea or eat them raw for a diuretic. And they contain cucurbocitrin which is a compound which dilates capillaries which helps lower high blood pressure. The seeds are also great for constipation. The rind is rich in silicon and the green skin has a high dose of chlorophyll. It has similar proper

The Mighty Radish

“When radishes are in season, doctors should take a break.” – Chinese proverb Beyond the round red radishes of vegetable platters past, the radishes that are available to us now boast wonderful shapes, sizes, colours and flavours. From black to white, pink to gem toned, these garden favourites pack more than just a colourful punch to a dish. Long loved and utilized in Chinese food and food cures, (not to mention throughout ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece dating back to 2700 BC) the radish is often looked at as the Queen of health. Forget the apple, a radish a day can truly keep the doctor away Great at stimulating Qi flow, radishes keep things moving. And, when Qi is flowing, we feel good! Ou

Cucumber Lime Mint Aqua Fresca

A magical summer cool down drink Naturally cooling cucumber, calming, circulating and refreshing mint and the sour astringent flavour of the lime which helps increases the production of fluids in the body and can reduce the effects of summer heat help make this the ideal summer beverage. Ingredients 2 good sized organic cucumbers, ends trimmed, but peel still on, coarsely chopped 1/2 cup lime juice from fresh organic limes (about 5 to 10 limes, depending on how juicy they are) 1 1/4 cup packed (spearmint) mint leaves (about a large handful), remove woody stems Approximately 1 1/4 cup of water Put ingredients in blender, and add enough water to fill 3/4 of blender and purée until smooth. Plac

Cool As A Cucumber

Plate Power-Cucumber: Naturally cooling and slightly sweet in flavour cucumbers are a natural diuretic which make them a great summer food. Cucumbers help to cleanse the blood, uplift mood and can counteract toxins in the body. And because of it’s cooling and diuretic properties, cucumber is great to help treat the effects of summer heat and sunstroke and the juice can even be used to help heal sunburns! Cucumbers are also helpful for kidney and bladder infections and drinking the juice can help cool other inflammatory or heat conditions such as sore throat, stomach inflammation, inflamed skin conditions (red hot skin or acne that is very red and angry looking). Apply slices to your eyes if

How to Calm the F*%* Down

15 Ways to Calm Your Nervous System (originally posted by Angela Warburton in the Hearty Soul) Having some stress in life is normal, and our bodies are programmed to deal effectively with short bouts of stress, but it’s when stress is ongoing over a long period of time that our nervous system starts to burn out. By including some of the following techniques throughout the day, you’ll be able to help drop your body into that more relaxed and calm state, which is so essential to healing and well-being! Laugh Laughter not only helps get your body out of that stressed state, it also helps to release some of the build up tension that accompanies stress such as negative aggressive energy, tight mu

The Magic of Gratitude

We live in such busy times, we’re pulled a million different directions at once and sometimes, the feeling of gratitude isn’t one that springs to mind first. But sometimes (all the time?!) if we’re able to focus on the simplest and even tiniest of things that we have gratitude for, our lives can become much richer…in the truest sense of the word. But for many, these open hearted feelings are hard to harness. No matter what ones state of life or mind is, the act of cultivating gratitude can be a helpful, healing and a highly transformative exercise. Transforming loneliness or painful memories by drawing attention to simple things that you do have and that make life rich – living in a free co

Humidity Helpers

A little natural help for hot and humid days. Do you find it hard to get moving, think straight or find yourself swelling so much that you feel like an overstuffed sausage on humid days? If you your joints scream out every time a weather shift comes you’re not alone…and there’s a reason for it! Why is it that some people seem to fly though the damp days of summer with loads of energy and feeling great, where others get hit hard? The answer lies in our body ‘type’ or internal pattern according to Chinese Medicine (TCM) Theory. In TCM we describe this waterlogged state as internal Dampness. And, just like the way, when you soak something in water overtime, it swells, he same is true for people

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