Navigating Seasonal Transitions - How to stay Healthy Year Round

It's currently the end of summer and school has just started back up for the year. It's a time of transition as we step from the carefree, hot, often highly social and outdoor focused summer energy to the gentle turning inwards and slowing down energy of fall. Some people lament this changing season but there are many (myself included) that look forward to the less social and extroverted time and welcome some more cozy inside time and that shift of energy that fall brings - Back to routine, crisp days and cozy nights and a little more darkness. As a natural introvert, I feel a bit socialized out by the end of summer and gladly welcome this quieter time. For many though, the transition from o

Damp Busters

If you're the type of person who suffers in the damp boggy weather, these foods are for you! Each of these foods has a knack for busting through that damp heavy feeling and can help with things such as foggy headedness, heavy limbs, swollen joints and that general feeling of lethargy that often accompanies the damp and humid days. We've taken daikon radish, celery, garden radish, parsley and scallions to create a tasty and fresh summer salad that will have you feeling fresh and damp-free in no time. You can also add these into broths or soups, stir-fry's or add into a rice noodle mix for some variety. We've used a mandolin to slice up our stock of veggies, but you can play around with diffe


Green onion, also known as Chinese onion or scallion. The spring onion is more the young version of the round mature onions we see later in the season. These ones look like bulbous scallions. This little gem is one of the first out of the gates in spring and are a staple year round in the Chinese Medicine Food world. The green and the white parts of the plant are both tasty but offer slightly different flavours - the green has the slightly more oniony bite to them and the whites are more mild and sweet. The sweetness makes them cook well on high heat but can also make them prone to burning easily so be careful if you're BBQing them. In TCM, these little beauties have been used for centuries

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