Mmmmm Chai

Homemade Masala Chai Not only does this tea taste delicious and warm the bones on a blustery and chilly day, it also smells simply amazing and brings a rich coziness to home. Known as chai tea in North America but in India, this rich and spicy tea is a staple of everyday life and simply known as chai which translates to tea. I still have a recording of my time in India from a train station hearing where there were dozens of chai vendors, each with their unique (and often very loud) chai call. And there was something magical about being on an overnight train and having a chai vender come walking through at the crack of dawn and getting to sip on a this spicy warm magical drink to start the da

Winter Retreat Schedule

We're so excited about this winter retreat, and have created a schedule that will allow us to take a deep dive together into the energetic vibe of winter, but also leaves room for individual reflection and contemplation. Please join us!! Click on the schedule below for more details.

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