To Avoid Drama - Try This

“Communication isn’t so much about what we say, but what the other person hears.” ~ Unknown As published on The Elephant Journal I love this quote. It sums up so many of life’s problems for me. I actually find myself butting up against it quite regularly in my life—with my partner, or with my patients who interpret something I said in not quite the way I intended it. In every little interaction in the world—from a clipped response from a coworker to a seemingly indifferent or aloof barista—we need to ask the questions: What do I make it mean? How am I taking it? And conversely, how is someone else taking my words? Tone? Energy? What do we really know of another and their intentions unless, w

SPRING into Action

As published in The Hearty Soul The ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses the unique elements of each season (winter spring summer and fall) to guide us on how to live in alignment with nature for optimal health. Modifying our diet and lifestyle according to the seasons is quite intuitive if you think about it: Cooked food in winter, raw fresh food in summer. The natural slowing down of energy in the cold winter months and the tendency to go inwards (both physically and energetically), verses the extroverted, growth and activity filled summer months. We change as the seasons change. Sadly we’ve lost touch with so much of this in our modern culture, often opting for the s

Warm Spring Salad

Warm Spring Salad 4 cups Baby Greens 2 medium beets (cubed) Handful of green beens Thinly sliced spring onion ½ package Non-GMO Firm tofu cubed (optional) Directions: Roast the cubed beets Cube tofu into 1″cubes Saute beans and tofu in small amount of healthy oil on medium high heat until tofu is warmed and beans are slightly softened but still crisp…. Set aside. Slice spring onion thinly. Options: Mix it up by adding some sautéed red or yellow peppers, or grape tomatoes, or any other fresh veggies. By cooking some of the vegetables and making the dressing warm, you’re taking the ‘edge’ off of the raw foods so they are easier for the stomach to digest and absorb. This is particularly im

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