Green Butter - Sooo good!

Watercress butter 3 garlic cloves mashed and peeled 1/2 pound unsalted butter at room ten 1 tsp lightly packed grated lemon zest 1 big bunch watercress (approx 2 oz), dry ends trimmed and roughly chopped. Kosher salt Place garlic in food processor and process until it’s finely minced, stopping to scrape down the sides a couple of times Add the butter and lemon zest and pulse a couple of times to get the butter creamy. Don’t pulse too much ,however, because if you overprices the butter it can separate. Now add the watercress and aa healthy pinch of salt and pulse again until the watercress is nicely incorporated - you’ll see the flecks; it won’t be completely pureed. Taste and add more salt

Watercress - An Early Spring Star

Cooling, pungent and bitter- sweet, watercress is a natural diuretic helping to clear excess fluid from the body. It impacts the lungs, stomach, bladder and kidney systems in TCM and strengthens the Qi (or vital energy) in the body. It also is helpful in not only cleansing the blood (which is ideal for the spring-time which is the season it naturally grows) but also for building the blood. Green foods in general are the same structure as a red blood cell just swapping out the centre iron molecule in blood for a magnesium molecule in green foods). This makes it an essential diet addition to anyone but in particular, menstruating women who lose blood on a regular basis. Watercress also aids in

Spring - It's Time to Clean House!

Spring Foods and Cleansing Spring is a season full of powerful, forceful and creative energy. Just like that little seed that pushes through all the resistance of the surrounding earth after the dormant winter, we too have seeds of inspiration, hopes, dreams or plans that also want to grow and find life. Spring is a wonderful time to put vision into action and start moving forward on things. It’s also a time where old habits, energies or patterns feel constrictive and down right irritating if we don’t let them go or address them. This is the best time of year to cleanse. To clean up our diet, yes, getting rid of the the heavy congesting foods of winter. But it also a wonderful time o

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