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Red, Ripe and Delicious - The Raspberry

Having the delightful combination of being both tart and sweet, raspberries have a unique blend of goodness that, when used correctly, it can be a wonderful medicinal addition to your diet - both berry and leaf.

Found for only a few short weeks in the summer months here in Ontario, the life of the fresh raspberry is short lived, but with the magic of flash freezing and drying we can enjoy this amazing tart little fruit year round.

Raspberry is known to be one of the only warm fruits according to TCM nutrition theory. It has a slightly sweet and astringent or sour quality and benefits the liver and kidney systems.

These perennials are grown world wide in temperate regions usually in forests or under the protection of trees.

The dried unripe fruit is known as Fu Pen Zi in TCM herbal medicine and the sour and astringent nature of the dried berry packs more punch than the ripe fruit. It enhances it's stabilizing and binding energy which makes it great for any kind of 'leaking' conditions such as excessive or frequent urination particularly at night including bed wetting. This also makes it helpful for conditions such as premature ejaculation, involuntary seminal emission or impotence.

Raspberry is also helpful in treating anemia as it enriches the blood as well as being helpful in cleansing it. Great for strengthen the eyes, it's a welcomed dietary addition for anyone experiencing blurred vision.

High in anti-oxidants, having anti-cancer properties, boasting anti-inflammatory and astringent qualities. High in vitamin C, biotin, vitamin E, magnesium, manganese, Quercetin, Galic acid, potassium, flavonoids and omega-3 fatty acids this berry packs a nutritional punch.

The raspberry Leaf should not be forgotten as it is fantastic at strengthening and toning the uterus and pelvic muscles. Used regularly in late pregnancy, it can be helpful in shortening labours and help make the uterus more efficient (read easier) during labour! It's also helps with excessive menstrual flow and restricts bleeding in general.

Serve up in tea form, add some fresh or frozen berries into your hot cereal or add dried fruit into your trail mix for a daily hit of these tart little nuggets.

Drink up!

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