Our Summer Thrive Guide is Here!

How it works:

Whether summer makes you leap with sunshine-filled joy or fill with sweaty dread, we have a toolbox full of tips, recipes, meditations and other tricks that are easy, natural and keep you feeling balanced and aligned all season long!

Learn how to harness and embrace the best of the season with 30 days of daily nuggets that help you move from surviving to thriving!

Some samples of daily summer-loving nuggets:

Watch the Instagram LIVE video of Angela & Joshna introducing the thrive guide

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 12.31.46 AM.pn

Hot peppers can also be used to help clear extra heat from the body. Just think spicy jerk chicken or spicy curry that causes brows to drip as sweat is a natural way the body cools itself down.

Child's pose stimulates the kidney & adrenal systems. It can release your back from all that Covid sitting!

Graphic by The Noun Project


July 25: Intro video and welcome from Angela & Joshna

July 27-Aug 25: Daily nuggets will drop into your inbox

Aug 8: Live call and Cooking Demo with Angela & Joshna 

Aug 29: Live finale call to reflect & celebrate!

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