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Damp Busters

damp busting foods - scallion, celery, radish, parsley, daikon radish

If you're the type of person who suffers in the damp boggy weather, these foods are for you! Each of these foods has a knack for busting through that damp heavy feeling and can help with things such as foggy headedness, heavy limbs, swollen joints and that general feeling of lethargy that often accompanies the damp and humid days.

We've taken daikon radish, celery, garden radish, parsley and scallions to create a tasty and fresh summer salad that will have you feeling fresh and damp-free in no time. You can also add these into broths or soups, stir-fry's or add into a rice noodle mix for some variety. We've used a mandolin to slice up our stock of veggies, but you can play around with different shapes and sizes for different results.

Celery is a great diuretic and helps detox the body. Also particularly helpful for painful or frequent urination and rheumatism, gout or arthritis where there is an accumulation of acid in the body. It's also wonderful for cooling down and calming the liver system (read: feeling hot and bothered). You can juice it, crunch on it raw, add it to soups or stir-fry it.

Radish helps to stimulate the digestive system and the Daikon radish is wonderful for busting through phlegm and strengthening the lung system


The green onion or scallion is a wonderful detoxifying food and is also great for water retention in the upper body (aka foggy head or laboured breathing in the damp weather).

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